About us


“To provide hydrometeorological information necessary to ensure sustainable development of national economy and mitigate eventual negative impact of adverse hydrometeorological conditions on natural environment and human population, and to discharge national responsibilities for international exchange of information”

LHMS, in executing its state-entrusted functions:

  • Formulates and implements national policy in the field of hydrometeorology;
  • Performs hydrometeorological observations and participates in the state environmental monitoring programme;
  • Originates meteorological (including agrometeorological, aeronautical and marine), hydrological and solar radiation UVI forecasts as well as warnings about dangerous, elemental and catastrophic hydrometeorological phenomena, sudden weather changes, ozone layer depletion;
  • Provides information on hydrological regime of surface water bodies, climate change and its impact on the environment, national economy and its development;
  • Maintains hydrometeorological databases and provides their data for the world data banks and for the Lithuanian state cadastre of rivers, lakes and reservoirs;
  • Issues informational publications and compiles yearbooks;
  • Perform conformity assessment of hydrometeorological instrumentation and issues certificates;
  • Participates and represents the Republic of Lithuania in the World Meteorological Organization – a specialized United Nations agency.

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