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Meteorological forecasts:

  • For Lithuania, Southeast Baltic and Curonian Lagoon, Klaipeda State Sea Port aquatory, for a specific region:
  • Very short-range (to 12 h)
  • Short-range (to 48 h)
  • Medium-range (3-5 days)
  • Outlook (to 10 days)
  • Forecasted meteorological elements: maximum and minimum air temperature, precipitation. meteorological phenomena, wind speed and direction, cloudiness
  • Numerical weather forecasts:
  • 2-day with time step from 1 h
  • 3-7-day with time step 6 h
  • 8-10-day with time step 12 h
  • Forecasted elements: temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, pressure, cloudiness, visibility

Hydrological forecasts:

  • 1-3-day water discharge and water level forecast for river Nemunas by Nemajūnai
  • 2-day water level forecast for river Neris by Vilnius
  • Next-month minimal water level forecast for river Neris by Vilnius
  • Short-range ice-break date forecasts for river Nemunas by Druskininkai, Smalininkai and Panemunė
  • Short-range ice phenomena’s emergence dates for river Neris by Jonava and river Nemunas by Druskininkai, Nemajūnai, Smalininkai and Panemunė
  • Flood volume and maximum water discharge and level forecast for river Nemunas by Nemajūnai
  • Maximum flood water level forecast for river Nemunas by Druskininkai, Smalininkai and Panemunė, for river Neris by Vilnius and Jonava, and for river Šventoji by Ukmergė

Meteorological and hydrological data

  • Temperature °C (air, soil surface, ground at various depths, dew point, water body)
  • Atmospheric pressure at station and sea level (hPa)
  • Air humidity characteristics
  • Wind (direction and speed)
  • Water discharge
  • Water level
  • Spring flood runoff parameters
  • Suspended sediments discharge
  • River inclination
  • Evaporation
  • Snow cover characteristics
  • Ground freeze
  • Many other meteorological and hydrological elements available (about 95 elements in all)

Note: Meteorological and hydrological data are considered hourly, daily, ten-day, monthly, decadal, 30-year and even 200-year measured and recorded data

Information for builders:

  • Air temperature, precipitation, wind and meteorological phenomena forecasts up to 7 days
  • Forecasts and warnings of hazardous meteorological phenomena
  • Warnings about dangerous hydrological phenomena

  • For builders by water bodies:

    • Measured and calculated water discharge
    • Environmental water discharge
    • Water level and discharge calculations with various probabilities

    • Conformity assessment and calibration of instruments for:

      • Atmospheric pressure measurements
      • Humidity measurements
      • Air temperature measurements
      • Wind measurements
      • Hydrometric measurements
      • Actinometrical measurements
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